Going Out With A Bang!

How it ended...

Heading into the second part of the year, I was preparing for things to really pick up. Fall for photographers is a bit like the gold rush in California in 1848, a whole slew of families that all want to capture the amazing fall foliage and send out holiday cards to make their friends and families jealous. Fall also brings the start of sports in the high school realm, so I think you see where this is going for me....

I shot my second season of soccer for the Eastview Girls Soccer program. I had the pleasure of shooting the varsity team last year, but this year we upped the ante and covered the entire program. This meant covering over a half dozen games for the varsity squad and also a handful of games for each of the other three teams in the organization. My saving grace was that aside from a few "away" home games due to their new turf stadium not being completed, all the games were home games and they're a mere 10 minutes from my house. The girls had a great season and made for some incredible shots, but I was happy to have the season come to a close since I was pulling double time with fall sessions...

In early October I shot my first wedding, something that I had both wanted to do for so long and dreaded at the same time. Luckily for me, I had worked with the couple already and they were having a laid back wedding which was a far less daunting undertaking. It was a gorgeous venue nestled in the hills on a family farm with lots of yard games and brick oven pizzas for all to enjoy! Overall the whole experience was a breeze and the couple looked amazing!

I ran a mini special for the months of September and October, which in hind sight was a bit more than I could handle given the soccer season and the shear volume of families and couples that I was fortunate enough to work with. This is, of course, literally the best problem any photographer could have (as long as you don't have a needy toddler and a newborn at home, that is). This is the part of my recap where I interject and tell everyone how amazing my wife is and what an absolute champ she is and an incredible mother, and more importantly wife, for putting up with me and the volume of editing I had on my plate for over two months :).

The colder months came and the work tapered off, but I was still somewhat busy with Shoott (see previous post here about them). This was great to keep a little money flowing in and keep me a little busy, but also allowed me to wind down for the year since a lot of outdoor sessions come to a halt once the snow falls and the temps get below freezing.

As the year came to a close, I look back on all the work I did and all the amazing new clients I reached. Since this was my first full year focusing on photography, I have to say I am pretty satisfied with where I am at and what I accomplished. I shot over 125 sessions, covered a full soccer season and marathon month of mini sessions to close out the year. I look forward to meeting new clients in the new year and also continuing to work with the amazing families and couples I've met already!

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