Two Becoming One Should Be Fun!

Engagements are a big deal for photographers, too

I'd be lying if I said I didn't want more engagement sessions to come my way, but I can also appreciate that some people want to have the photographer that will be doing their wedding also do their engagement to help build that relationship. Thinking back to Stutz on Netflix I'm reminded of his mention of Active Love and what that means and what it takes to practice the concept, but with a bit of a twist for my own purposes. The beautiful things about engagement sessions is that it's usually something both people want to do, not like when parents are fighting their kids to cooperate and forcing them to smile when they don't want to be there (just as a vague hypothetical, not like I've had that happen dozens of times or anything). It's a session that is two people celebrating their love for each other and announcing their upcoming marriage.

This couple was an absolute blast to work with and another one where everything just worked well. They had no ideas or preconceived notions heading into the session, they just wanted some fun photos of them to celebrate their engagement and left it up to me. Like most people in the modern age, they met on an app and they just clicked. They had plans to do a small, intimate ceremony with family and friends and were just happy to have found each other and a person they could spend the rest of their lives with, but also made a lot jokes and sarcastic remarks about their age and being "those people" that just kept the session fun and light.

All during this session there was two things that were constantly apparent, they had complete trust in me that I would make them look good and the amount of love that they had for each other. It served as a great reminder that love isn't always this thing that you find when you're young and it knows no bounds, but that no matter when or where you find it it always presents itself the same. The gazes into each other's eyes, the playful (and sometimes borderline inappropriate) touches or squeezes and the kisses all come across like this person is the last person they ever want to do that with for the rest of their lives.

If you're recently (or even not so recently) engaged) and looking for a fun and aloof experience for your engagement session, I'd love to chat with you and come up with a great plan to help make your big announcement to the world! Please feel free to reach out to me here and take a look at some of my engagement work here as well.

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