Why Do These Sessions Matter?

A more invasive analysis and the big picture

As I sit here in what's normally my down time of the year, I begin to plan and work on my goals for the coming year and what I would like to accomplish. I had intended to have a show on Netflix as background noise and crank out a couple blog posts, but I found myself watching Stutz on Netflix and was sucked into it. As I was watching the show I also got an alert about a review from a recent client on how much they loved their photos and how much they meant to them which prompted the idea for this small series of posts. The first post, obviously, will be about families which is currently my most popular client type. That will be followed by engagements, seniors and finally sports.

Without further adieu, let's dive into the purpose of these posts. In the documentary, Dr. Stutz talks about the three aspects of reality and your Life Force. One of these aspects is your relationship with other people around you. This reminded me of the session I had just done with an older husband and wife, the same one who had left a review that nearly brought me personally to tears. They had older kids and just wanted some newer photos of themselves to update their pictures at home, but the wife had also just lost 70lbs and wanted some pictures she could be proud to have up in their home. This was one of those sessions where everything just clicked with the clients and it was just as much laughing and joking around as it was taking some great photos of them. We talked about the Vikings, a shared new purchase in a new SUV and about future plans for more photos with their entire family. They also asked me about my family and my kids and how I came to do what I do now, but it wasn't just the usual small talk some people do, it was questions phrased in a way that they were genuinely interested and wanted to know more about me.

Fast forward to a couple weeks later (now) where I get the review wherein the wife says she's brought to tears by the photos and how they're going to help make their house feel like a home again. Now normally I'm not one to get choked up by something like that, but knowing that something as simple as a photo could make someone feel that way and that deeply is bound to make anyone feel a little choked up. It also resonated deeply with me that life truly is about the relationships we have with other people and the impact we have on their lives. As a photographer you're going to always meet a lot of different people, some may become repeat clients and some will be one and done clients, but for that 30 minutes to one hour you possess the ability to make a lasting impression on them. I think that this is something that a lot of photographers can forget or get caught up in the latest trends or social media buzz, but it's something I think of each and every time I show up for a session.

If you need to update to your photos around the house, or just want to take some fun photos with your spouse or kids, I'd love to hear from you and help take your next great photos you can be proud of! Feel free to contact me here and check out my other family work as well!

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