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Shooting something I wasn't sure I ever would

Shooting a wedding was always something I thought about doing, but wasn't quite sure I wanted to make the jump to doing. A wedding is a monumental day in the lives of two people and most of the "must have" shots are not repeatable like they ave in a normal session. I was lined up with a company as a subcontractor and due to start shooting weddings in spring of 2022, but they abruptly closed their doors and that opportunity went out the window unfortunately.

Enter Jack and Taylor. I had known Jack for quite a while from my time running a paintball store here in Minnesota and he reached out in early spring of 2020. I shot their engagement session in fall of 2020 and it went great! They were the picture perfect couple and we got a ton of great shots to help announce their engagement (I even booked a few sessions because of their photos too). They asked me after receiving their photos if I would shoot their wedding. I was flattered, but I told them I needed to think about it and see where we were at with the pandemic when we got a little closer. I finally agreed to do it because they were having vaccinated friends and family in attendance and it was at an outdoor venue to cut down on any risks of transmission.

Fast forward to October of this year and the day of their wedding. They were at Briggs Outdoors in Winona, a gorgeous and scenic venue nestled in a "bowl" of sorts of larger hills. It was a beautiful fall day, a small and intimate wedding and the perfect opportunity for me to "get my feet wet" with weddings. Jack and Taylor wanted "first look" photos prior to the ceremony as well as photos of just them and they were once again amazing to work with! We got the perfect first looks for Taylor and some incredible shots of the two of them just embracing the moments before they said "I do".

The ceremony was short and sweet and Jack's sister got ordained so she could do the honors of bringing them together in matrimony. The reception after the ceremony was a laid back collection of yard games and homemade brick oven pizzas by the owners of the venue and some killer bonfires and s'mores to end the night.

All in all, the day went well from my standpoint. I remembered to get everything we had discussed as well as any sporadic shots that came up throughout the day. Everyone in attendance had a great time and was just happy to be there and celebrate Jack and Taylor and the love they share together.

I added more photos than I normally would, so check them out below and enjoy!

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