Couples Session for Josh & Kendra

Boom Island - Minneapolis

I've touched on these types of sessions in previous posts (see here), but a couples session that's just for fun is something I have really started to gravitate towards as a personal favorite. Enter Josh & Kendra, a gorgeous young couple that I met through one of the companies I contract out with here in the Twin Cities. Josh had come across an ad for the company and thought it looked like something fun to do and as he put it, he "let Kendra take care of the rest" haha. We talked about the usual stuff during the session like work and what they do for fun etc, but the whole time we were working together all I could see was the obvious chemistry between them. As a couple that had been together for two and a half years, it was easy to see how comfortable they were with each other the entire session and how naturally they just sort of worked together. While the reason for the session was for them to just celebrate their love for each other, we were also able to get a few silly shots as well to round out the entire session. All in all this was definitely one of the harder sessions I've had in a while when it came to editing and choosing which images to deliver because there were soooooo many good ones to choose from.

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