Engagement for Peter & Caroline

Boom Island - Minneapolis

This session was one that almost didn't happen....I was at the location about a half hour before it was supposed to start with no rain showing on the radar, but somehow it was pouring. I was messaging back and forth with Caroline about what she wanted to do and how we would proceed, but she decided to go for it! Thankfully the weather cleared up just as they showed up and we were good to go. We talked about the typical things during the session like how they met and what the plans were for the wedding of course, but they really opened up when we started talking about their puppy. Their friends and neighbors brought him to be part of the session and he was a big fluffy ball of energy. They talked about all his little quirks and how he's their fur baby and all the little things we pet parents love to talk about when it comes to our doggos. With the weather having been so poor leading right up to the session, we had free reign of the park (and no distractions for the pup).

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