Engagement for Jake & Mckenzie

Whitetail Woods Regional Park - Farmington

I feel like I keep saying this, but I can't emphasize it enough....I love hearing people's stories! Jake and Mckenzie were an absolute blast to work with and had a story you just don't hear much about anymore being high school sweethearts. This was also a familiar situation for me in that they had never had their pictures taken before, so it was extra important to me to ensure it was a great experience. I could tell they were a little nervous not knowing what to expect, but once we started chatting they seemed to settle into the session. Mckenzie had a few ideas she wanted to try, but they were mostly open to anything which is (in my opinion) one of the best ways to approach a session. We were able use a lot of aspects of the park for the session, including the newly renovated nature playground. Unfortunately as the session ended and we were in my personal favorite part of the park we began to get eaten alive by an invisible swarm of Minnesota's state bird (the mosquito for those of you not from here). While we were able to get the shots we wanted, we certainly had to work quickly (with frequent swatting breaks) to get them!

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