Professional Women's Football

Passion, intensity and grit

Admittedly I'm playing catch-up with this post, but here we go!

The Minesota Vixen have been a team since 1999 and have a long and rich history with a growing list of players that have committed years to the team. In all honesty I somehow had never heard of the WFA professional women's league, but once I did I was determined to cover a game. Thankfully the team was very open to the idea of my coming out, so once I got the schedule and the field they'd be calling home for the season it was all set!

The nice thing about living here in Minnesota is that the weather is often predictably unpredictable, and this game was no different. It was a briskly cool afternoon which low temps and stiff winds. This was also their home opener for the season so the stands were packed with their loyal and devoted fans ready to see their team for the first time this season.

The game kicked off after an intro of the rostered players for this season and the action was intense and constant from the first kickoff. The Vixen had a lot of big plays on both sides of the ball and kept the fans into it from beginning to end.

I had a great time covering the game and had a lot of freedom to roam about the field as long as I wasn't in the way. I'd definitely love to cover another game in the future and help showcase these incredible athletes playing the sport they love!

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