Leaving It All On The Field

Where passion, emotion and intensity meet

Sports are where it all began to me, so I will always have a soft spot for that style of photography. This year was one of my biggest in terms of growth and opportunity in the sports sector of work, which I am incredibly grateful for. I had the chance to cover paintball, lacrosse, football, soccer, tennis, volleyball and cross country just to name a few. I met a ton of great kids who truly loved what they did, some incredibly passionate parents who were all in on what their kids loved doing and some incredible coaches that were giving kids the foundation to be successful in both sports and life.

It's impossible to pick a favorite sport to cover because they all have something unique to offer. One things that I truly enjoyed was covering the next town over's football program this fall from varsity down to 3rd grade. It was incredible to the levels of talent and how much fun the younger kids had both playing and watching the older kids make big plays. I met some incredible coaches who took advantage of some great teachable moments to help kids learn from their mistakes in a way that didn't harp on them messing up but rather on how to make the play the next time they encountered that scenario. I also met some amazing parents who were just as excited about their kids playing the game as their kids were to be on the field themselves.

I spent a good chunk of my fall at Farmington High School for a plethora of their fall athletics. It was quite the sight to see with the community coming together around the victories and accomplishments of all their sports and also to support a great cause like battling cancer on Tackle Cancer Night for the varsity football team's final home game of the regular season. The camaraderie of the players and how they supported each other in both their successes and shortcomings.

Heading into the winter, I don't have anything set in stone so my calendar is pretty open. I have a few prospects in a wrestling organization, some gymnastics meets and youth basketball. I have lacrosse locked in for next spring again already and a few other sports asking for quotes and coverage options, so I'm optimistic about the coming year in the sports world for me.

If you're looking for coverage for your team or organization for a season or even just a single game, please check out some of my other work here or reach out to me here to start the booking process!

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