Tigers On The Prowl!

Continuing a strong local relationship

My first season with the Farmington High School football program was in 2022 and paired with covering the youth program for the city as well. If was my first season covering a football program and also my most expansive partnership in terms of number of players and teams covered in a season. Naturally I was excited to get the nod to cover the team again heading into 2023 and continue covering Tiger football!

The team themselves were coming off a heartbreaking season in 2022 with a handful of single-score losses and late game nail biters that ended in defeat. Heading into this year they had retained a lot of their core talent and weapons, so they were optimistic that they could improve on the prior year and make some waves in the South Suburban Conference. While I didn't know a lot of the players personally, I did know the players to watch and the ones that tended to be the playmakers and impact roles.

The first half of the year was littered with a string of losses, but each game had it's flashes of brilliance and big plays that showed signs of improvement and progress being made by the team as a whole. In the last half of the season things started to click and the big plays got more and more frequent. They had a huge game for homecoming doubling up their opponent, followed that up with a 57-0 blowout on the road and closed out the season with one of the most thrilling overtime victories at home against a very skilled team.

All in all, it was another great season. I tried to focus more on the players and sideline action as the season went on and get more of the players that aren't consistently on the field and in the action. I also tried to get new angles and variations of shots to try and keep things from feeling stale and repetitive.

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