Engagement for Michael & Karen

Minnehaha Falls - Minneapolis

Michael and Karen were another another great story on how they met and came to be engaged. They were very open about their lives and their adorable son that tagged along for the session added some fun elements to the session (even though he wasn't really into it most of the time). These two were one of the most laid back "up for anything" couples I've had the pleasure of working with lately and truly just wanted to take some fun shots of them as well as some more passionate ones to show their love for each other. We were able to explore a bunch of different areas I wouldn't normally shoot at this location, but they were both up for any ideas I had if it meant they would get some great shots of the two of them. Overall this was a really fun session and we got a great mix of family, fun and passionate shots to show the love these two had for both each other and their young son.

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