New Year, New Challenges

Taking the bull by the horns, as they say

Well, 2021 is here folks (thankfully, am I right? and so begins a clean slate and a plethora of opportunities. In an effort to better myself, my skillset and my business, I have decided I am going to keep tabs on my progress this year and where things are going. I believe this will not only help keep my accountable to myself, but also hoping someone will call me out if they see me slipping into complacency. In addition to keeping a very public log of my progress I will also have a whiteboard with the same info to stare me in the face every time I go into my office.

In years past, I've been overly ambitious and bite off more than I can chew. This year I decided I would keep a list and prioritize those things I feel are most important in my overall goal of growing my photography business. To help prioritize, I will have primary and secondary goals to help keep myself focused and eyes on the prize. As always, if you'd like to help me reach these goals or work with me, please email me or fill out my contact me form here.


  • Learn more in-depth editing techniques
  • Master Lightroom (arguably my loftiest goal of the lot)
  • Book at least 3 lifestyle sessions
  • Book at least 1 themed session (halloween, valentine's, dudeoir etc)
  • Second shoot at least 3 weddings
  • Book at least 5 engagement sessions
  • Book at least 5 senior sessions
  • Book at least 5 family sessions
  • Shoot at at least 5 new locations
  • Be more present on social media (Facebook Stories, YouTube vlogs etc)


  • Increase my Facebook following by at least 25%
  • Increase my Instagram following by at least 25%
  • Increase website traffic by at least 50%
  • Increase Google visibility (show up in top 10 of most commonly searched photography keywords)
  • Scout a new urban, nature and alternative location for sessions
  • Run at least one sponsored ad on Facebook, Google or Next Door
  • Book at least 1 branding session
  • Learn off-camera flash for outdoor sessions

Obviously I still need to work on the overly ambitious thing, but I think this is a relatively realistic list of goals to achieve by the time the year ends. I hope you'll follow along and (more importantly) keep me accountable to what I set out to do. As always I appreciate the time to read along with what I've been up to and would love to hear what you think over on my Instagram page!

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