Shifting My Focus To Growth

How one word changed everything I did.

That's a pretty crazy header picture, right? Well it's also a pretty accurate representation of how my photography life was in a nutshell. I always had a decent amount of work and a couple great yearly events to rely on, but I was far from anything consistent or reliable enough to make a living on. That's why when an opportunity to participate in a beta run for a photography business growth course came up I jumped at the opportunity! It was ran by a very successful local photographer who also runs a group to help photographers of al levels find answers and grow in their craft.

Going into the course I had no idea what to expect, but the timing was impeccable since I had just decided to go all in on photography in tandem with becoming a stay-at-home dad. I knew what I wanted to do, but not what to do to get there. Where this course helped me was it made you really think about your ideal clientele and who they are, not just "oh, I want to do family portraits". This is where the word that the course was built around came into play, and that word is clarity. Clarity was the driving force for all things in the course pertaining to your who, what, why and how. Each step on the journey was laid out, broken down and explained in a manner that was easy to understand and insightful, but most importantly were calls that held me accountable for doing what I said I would do.

The course provided me with a lot of points to ponder and analyze what I wanted my business to be. It helped me realize I needed to start fresh on a new website (as you see it here today), I needed to stop chasing anything someone would hire me for and more importantly focus on a centric idea to present a better look for potential clients. All said and done when the course was completed I was left with a newfound confidence in my business, a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve and a baseline path for how I believed I would accomplish it.

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