Remembering To Cover My Bases

Sticking to what works

Communication in all things is one of the most important things you can have, be it a relationship, a work environment or a personal interaction with a close friend. Omitting or forgetting one minuscule detail can be the difference between success and failure. I had a session a few weeks ago, while not a complete disaster, that did not go as planned. I started out the session prep the same way I always do and asked all the same questions I usually do, except one. I didn't even realize it because of the responses I got to the questions I asked so I just moved on, big mistake on my part.

Fast forward to the session, a maternity session, and we're off the rails within the first five minutes. The one question I missed immediately comes back to haunt me, "Is there anything you're not comfortable doing or want to avoid?" and now I'm scrambling in my head to compensate. The husband didn't want anything "cliché" or "cheesy" for their session, so my entire first half of the session I had planned out in my head is now dead in the water. I could easily just say it's their fault for not communicating as a couple since the wife said "they're open to whatever, they trust my judgement", but the simple fact is I dropped the ball in not sticking to the process I know works for me.

In the end, we were able to capture some amazing images and the wife even got her husband to budge a little on some of the more "cutesy" shots, but this served as a staunch reminder to stick to the process I have so carefully tweaked and proven to be successful over the years. Although these types of situations can be stressful and throw you off your game, it can also be good to learn from them and remember that not everyone is perfect and we are all capable of overcoming and adapting on the fly.

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