Photos And A Farm

Helping announce a wedding and a baby!

Jenny and David were another couple I met through Glasser Images. They needed an engagement session done and thankfully was much closer than my last session down in Rochester. I did my usual text messages to try and find something out about them ahead of time and see what sort of things they were looking for in advance. They weren't really looking for anything specific aside from wanting to incorporate their snowboarding gear into the session a little bit. Jenny also let me know they wanted to announce their pregnancy as well, so we had a lot of options to work with throughout the session to make sure we covered everything.

The day of the session came and I was headed to their family farm in Hastings, a short trip from my house in Rosemount. I pull into their driveway and am immediately met by their two very energetic dogs, probably curious who this strange person is on their property. Jenny and David were just finishing getting ready as they came outside to start. They showed me around their family farm that had been in their family for four generations, told me about their barn that was slowly falling down and explained how they were going to have their wedding and reception on the farm and where it was going to be. We started shooting as we continued to walk around and talked about how they met. They told me they grew up childhood friends and were always sort of close but never really connected and hung out in different friend groups, but somehow they connected later on in life and it was fireworks from there on out. We chatted about how they rent out their farm land on top of both of them having full-time jobs outside of the farm and how they planned to build a house for themselves once things settled down.

Once Jenny was happy with what we had taken at their farm, we headed to Spring Lake Regional Park. I had stopped at the park myself prior to their session to scout it out and see where some good locations were. David told me they were at the park recently for Jenny's sister's wedding and how there were a few spots they wanted to get some shots at as well. For those not familiar, Spring Lake Regional Park is a beautiful nature park and hiking/cross country ski trail park that overlooks the Mississippi River Valley and I highly recommend it. We found some great open field areas between all the trails with beautiful tree lines behind the couple as they just walked around. While we were walking we wound up at a scenic cliff spot I had found earlier which David was wager to use, but Jenny not so much haha. After we were done at the cliff, we headed to this seating area tucked back off the ledge where we grabbed some adorable announcement photos for their pregnancy and incorporated some of the river valley scenery as well. To wrap it all up we grabbed their snowboard gear and took some of them as if they were all ready to hit the slopes as they have together so many times before.

All in all this was a fantastic session and I had a ton of fun with it. Admittedly I wasn't too sure what to think about doing a session on their farm, but once we started the ideas just kept flowing and the stories that came along with it were something I'm glad I didn't miss out on. I wish Jenny and David nothing but happiness and the best of luck with their little one when it arrives! I'll have images on my Instagram later this week as well as my Engagement section of the site, so be sure to check it out!

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