A Wintery Engagement Session

Enjoying downtown Rochester

I met Julia and Jason through a contract agency called Glasser Images. They had previously had a session cancelled by another photographer and did not want to make the trek up to the Twin Cities. I made the drive down to Rochester to meet them at the Plummer House. Since I had never been to Plummer House, let alone Rochester for a session, I headed down early to scout the area and check out some spots to use ahead of time. If you're not familiar with the area, Plummer House is a gorgeous old mansion that can be used to host events and just walk the grounds as they are open to the public. I found some great spots to match up with what the couple was looking for and planned the "path" so to speak for how the session would flow.

Julia and Jason arrived a little early and we began talking as I had them follow me towards the first stop we'd use. They were not used to getting their pictures taken so they seemed a bit nervous, but I just kept talking to them and got them to open up and relax so we could fall into a rhythm and just be comfortable during our time together. They told me about Jason's big family, what their plans were for the wedding and a few tidbits about how they met and came to be engaged. Overall it was a great session at a fun new place and they left feeling happy with what we had achieved, which I naturally loved to hear! I'll have more of their images posted on my Instagram page in a few days as well as adding some to my engagement section.

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