It's A Great Big World Out There!

Celebrating the next chapter in your life

One of the biggest things on my "to do" for 2023 is grow my senior client base. It's one of the few sessions you get as a photographer that are all about a singular person and making them look and feel good about who they are. Sure, most sessions are set up by the parents, but not always. One thing that I realized while watching Stutz on Netflix and his reference to Part X is that we all have doubt and anxiety, but that can be even more prevalent in seniors as they get set to embark on the next phase of their life and head out on their own to college and in many cases away from home for the first time. Obviously this isn't always the case, but more often than not when I ask a senior what their plans are there is a slight level of hesitation and nervousness in their reply.

I had the pleasure of working with this wonderful young woman after her mother reached out from a local community group on Facebook. They picked a great nature park nearby, which I always appreciate, and we picked the perfect golden hour time in the late fall. She made a comment at some point during the session that she wasn't a big fan of having her picture taken and that she didn't really like it, but man did she have me fooled with the level of confidence she exuded and how casually she changed her poses ever so slightly for different looks along the way.

One of the biggest things for me when I deliver photos to the seniors and their parents is their reactions. While every form of photography has it's place and means something to someone, senior photos are a huge milestone in both the student's and parent's lives. It designates the end of their childhood chapter in life and starts their young adult chapter, one in which they begin to forge their own path in life and go out on their own and become their own person.

For all you parents and students alike that are out there getting ideas for your senior photos, I would be honored to speak with you and see what we can do to make your senior photos ones you will always be proud to look back on! You can contact me here and check out some more recent work on my seniors page as well.

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