A Whole New Experience

New sport, new lingo and a new favorite sport!

I'm always looking for new opportunities and new challenges, and that's exactly what I got when a parent on the booster club reached out to me about covering the boy's lacrosse program at Rosemount High School. I hadn't had much exposure to lacrosse since Minnesota had the Swarm professional team almost a decade ago, but I was incredibly interested in shooting the sport with it's high energy and fast pace.

I covered both the varsity and junior varsity home games for the season in addition to covering one game of the prep squad so they would have something to remember the season. The first pair of games were an immense learning experience and taught me a new way of watching a play unfold to get the best shots as they present themselves. Lacrosse is a much faster paced sport with rapid changes in momentum and possession at the drop of a hat and plays unfolding faster than most hockey players can pull off.

As the season went on, I got a lot more comfortable with the game and the flow. I tried new shots, new angles and different perspectives to help tell the story of the game. The players and coaches got more familiar and comfortable with me and talked to me about photos they liked and wanted photos with their teammates to have to look back on. Most important of all, the parents were happy with the photos and the memories they had to look back on of their son's and their year on this team.

The varsity squad closed out the season losing to Prior Lake to take 2nd in their section and 8th overall. They had a hell of a season, had some incredible and thrilling games and made some amazing memories that they will always be able to look back on as they grow older. I thoroughly enjoyed myself covering the teams this season and hope the boosters reach out to cover the team again next season!

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