Olivia Senior Session

Schaar's Bluff - Hastings

Olivia's dad saw some of my work from past years of parents he knew and reached out to work with me for her senior photos. She didn't really have any preconceived ideas or anything going into the session, so we had a lot of freedom to just have some fun with it and play the whole session aloof. Unlike a lot of the seniors I've worked with, Olivia actually knew exactly what she wanted to do after college, she wanted to go into social work and really make a difference in kid's lives. I was honestly taken back a bit by her answer, first because most kids just give me the "I don't know yet" reply and second because it was just so refreshing to hear someone so young already focusing on helping others when she gets out of school. All said and done we got some really fun shots and had a great time along the way!

Currently Listening To: Odds by Mat Kearney

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