Celebrate Mom's Love

Let the laughs ensue!

"There is nothing more powerful than a mother's love" is a phrase we all hear quite often, but it's true. There's just something about the relationship a mom has with her kids that you can't quantify or really put into words, but it's an absolute joy to watch. Take my wife for example, it's amazing watching her with our daughters. Whenever they need something or come up to her she has zero hesitation to stop whatever she's doing and make sure they're happy and taken care of. Every mother loves those moments and often spends more time being in those moments than getting them captured to look back on some day, that's what makes these sessions so special in my opinion.

A "Mommy & Me" session is a great gift for your wife or significant other. Not only is it something fun and different they can do, it's also a phenomenal bonding opportunity and a great way to capture their relationship in it's purest and most candid form. The trick to these sessions is to treat them more like "playtime" than something serious and posed like a photo session, this keeps kids happy and reactions natural and authentic.

When working with a mom and her kid (or kids), I always recommend a place that they have been to before to keep kids at ease and prevent any bashfulness up front. If you have a favorite playground or park that's always a bonus to offer a ton of variety in the types of shots you get. Another important thing to note with these session is to dress comfortably so both the mom and the kids can be free to play and get a little messy without worrying about ruining any "good clothes". Play in the dirt, roll around in the grass, don't be afraid to break a little sweat all in the name of capturing some amazing memories!

Bonus session idea! I'd love to accompany a mommy and their kiddos to get some ice cream cones and just follow them around as they eat them and talk about whatever comes up. This is one of my favorite pastimes with my wife and something we are both looking forward to doing with our daughters. Feel free to reach out to me and start the process to book your session if you're ready or want to get one as a gift for the mommy in your life!

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