Back Behind The Lens

A brief hiatus after a new baby

I haven't been active much these past three months, but for good reason. My wife and I welcomed our second daughter into the world at the end of February and have been adjusting to life with two kids. It's been a bit of a learning curve and taking a "divide and conquer" approach to our daily life, but it's been all fun and laughs watching our toddler be curious and want to help with her baby sister.

While I hadn't picked up my camera during that time aside from pictures of our family and various firsts, I did utilize my down time to catch up on a lot of reading and video tutorials to learn some new techniques and better my overall photography knowledge. I've also started making small lists of things to do to keep me from getting stale and stagnant on my website like I had in the past.

After not shooting for almost three months, I dove back into the deep end and wrapped up the month of May with almost 20 sessions in addition to securing a second year partnership with my local high school's girls soccer program. While I wasn't exactly out of practice, I definitely had to get my sea legs again and get back into the rhythm I had developed prior to the baby being born. It felt great to get out and get shooting again, especially after such a long and brutally cold winter.

That's about all I have for now, but I aim to be more active again and get back to my weekly posts and social media postings. As always I love to hear from people that read the posts, so let me know what you think over on my Instagram page!

Currently Listening To: Without You by Avicii