Terrain Race Minneapolis 2019

October 5-6, 2019

Terrain Race was another first for me. Think "Tough Mudder" but a little more relaxed. The race is put on by Cool Events who host a plethora of experience events all over the country. This two day event had staggered waves of contestants fighting their way up and down the muddy slopes of Buck Hill in Burnsville, MN all weekend long. 

I'm not gonna mince words, Saturday's weather was awful. It was a cold and rainy day. There was some breaks in the rain, but also some periods of downpour. Thankfully most people are ready for anything in these types of events, and so was I with my all-weather bags for my cameras and my knee-high rubber boots. 

I spent most of Saturday walking back and forth from the wall climb, tire drag and giant rope net. There was a wide range of participants everywhere from diving into the mud and water and embracing the day to those that did the bare minimum to get the experience. 

What was fun for me was seeing all the groups that coordinated outfits or themes within their groups. There was everything from matching shirts to costumes and rompers! 

Another awesome aspect of this event was the wide range in ages. There were full families running the event together with kids as young as 5 or 6 all the way up to people into their late 60's just enjoying the experience and the exercise. 

Sunday was a SUBSTANTIALLY better day! The sun came out, the temps were up and there was a great energy all over the place! 

I never found out for sure, but I believe I was the only photographer on the mountain for Sunday's participants. I started off the day at the beginning of the course for the first few waves. 

I didn't have much direction aside from which obstacles to make sure I focused on, so I spent most of the day exploring the rest of the event and checking out what other challenges participants had to face along the way. 

As with Saturday, Sunday brought another interesting lot of participants with equally creative outfits and shirt designs. Some participants tackled the course at full speed ahead while others took their time and just laughed and took in the moment with friends and family. 

All in all it was a ton of fun (and exercise) covering the event, but I would absolutely do it again! It was a memorable experience for me just watching people take on the course and seeing the plethora of ways participants chose to take on certain aspects of the course. Thank you again to Cool Events/Terrain Race for having me out and I look forward to working with you all again in the future! 

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