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My 2018 Year In Review

December 30th, 2018

It's been a good year for me. With a career change at the tail end of 2017 I found myself with the opportunity to focus more on photography like I had been wanting to for the last few years. Without much in the way of an official portfolio to show for what I've done over the last few years, I had to rely more on word of mouth from friends to help me get some shoots booked. 

Through a good friend and owner of local business Curbside Productions I was fortunate to cover a truly impressive conference at the University of Minnesota, the Design of Medical Device Conference. This event sees forward thinkers and doctors from all over the world discussing the next great medical advances and discoveries. This week-long conference kept me on my toes and moving all over the event to cover various speakers, presentations and keynotes. All in all this was a fantastic event and it helped me learn a lot about my time management and shooting process. 

In late April I drove to Illinois with a good friend of mine and business partner for Midwest Clothing to shoot the 2nd Annual Fight Club 10 Man event at Badlandz Paintball. This event was a blast for me as I have been involved in the paintball world for almost a decade and seen the sport grow and evolve over that time. This was a two day event that had a great old school vibe to it with a plethora of vintage markers and new school mechanical offerings with a ton of really exciting matches! I also had my photos featured on the leading paintball forum and news site PbNation with their summary of the event here!

About a month after the 10 Man event I was fortunate enough to cover the Spring Giant Big Game at Splat Tag in Wisconsin. This annual event happens twice a year and draws hundreds of players from all over the Midwest. This heavily wooded area makes for some exciting moments and close up shootouts! 

In September I took another trip to Chicago with a friend of mine that has helped me grow with my photography over the the years to cover the 4th event on the National Xball League circuit in Gaelic Park. I spent the weekend covering for seven different teams that hired me plus various other teams as I had time. This was a fun weekend and I learned a lot once again about time management and some valuable file management lessons to apply to future shoots. 

I was also fortunate enough to have my photos featured once again on PbNation for coverage of the divisional fields through the event here!

The final event I covered this year was the fall Giant Big Game at Splat Tag. This cooler day brought out a ton of players and had lots of intense action all day. I love shooting these games because they are a ton of fun to watch...and I get a great workout in walking all over the field of play! 

All in all I had a great first year focusing on growing my photography. I learned a lot of valuable lessons without any catastrophes, I shot some great events and feel like I honed my craft a little bit with each event I went to. I'm looking forward to growing more in 2019 and seeing what new types of events I can cover! 

I want to thank everyone that hired me this year and gave me the opportunity to prove myself and help them capture the things that mean most to them. I have had a lot of help getting to where I'm at now and appreciate every single one of you that have helped me in one way or another. 

The first event I plan on covering in the new year is the US Pond Hockey Championships on Lake Nokomis! 

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