Giant Airsoft Game

May 19, 2019

Something a little new, but not entirely unfamiliar for me today. I made a trip out to Twin Cities Paintball in Baldwin, WI. The facility is owned by the same fine folks that run Splat Tag and have had me out for the Giant Big Games. I've never shot airsoft before, but from what I could gather it was a lot like shooting paintball (with a few added tweaks of course). 

One thing that became rapidly apparent is that airsoft players as a whole tend to air on the tactical or "milsim" side. There were all kinds of camouflage patterns and outfits from all different eras and countries. There were all sorts of ex-servicemen that were still looking for the thrill of being back in the armed forces. 

The weather for most of the day was less than desirable with cold and rain. The heavily forested area provided decent canopy coverage, but it still dripped down heavy in the open areas. We did catch a break for a few hours to enjoy a little bit of the elusive sun. 

It was a pretty fun day overall. I got a ton of exercise in and got to experience something new in the process. The staff were great and I was able to get some great pictures in the process. I would definitely go back to shoot another airsoft event if the option presented itself! 

Equipment Used:
• Canon 7d ii

• Canon 5d iii

• Canon 70-200 f/2.8

• Canon 24-70 f/2.8

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